Washington Post blogger Greg Sargent is opposed to Democrats abandoning their philosophy of “identity politics.”

After all, it has been working so well lately. Here’s more from Sargent:

“No matter what, the Democratic Party isn’t going to back down from aggressively defending minority rights. It just can’t. That’s because in the near future, the Democratic Party is going to be in the opposition, which means it will inevitably be striking a posture of resistance to much of what President Trump and congressional Republicans do. That agenda is likely to feature a major assault on various constituencies that will simply require Democrats to mount an aggressive, sustained defense of them.”

Newsflash for Sargent:  There’s no need for Democrats to “defend” the rights of minority groups. The Constitution already does that very effectively. The unwavering reliance on identity politics is one of the main reasons Democrats got crushed last month. It’s also a major factor why the party, led by Obama, has lost hundreds of seats at the local and state levels across the country throughout the president’s tenure. Americans are fed up with the Left herding everyone into a specific group, and Democrats continue that tactic at their own peril.