The same Left that has whined for eight years about the economic issues that were transferred from the Bush administration to President Obama is suddenly unaware of the current fiscal situation in the United States. Maya MacGuineas, the president of the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget, delivered the following statement about it on CBS’ “This Morning.”

Reaction to the quote presented in the tweet by CBS News was abundant.

You know they’re in pain when there are those begging MSNBC personalities to set the record straight.

And there are those who did not watch the video and think John Dickerson was the one who produced that quote.

Despite the overzealous criticism, MacGuineas reiterated what she said and offered a critique of Trump’s proposals.

She also clarified the important distinction between economic and fiscal.

As it stands, CBS took her quote out of context. This is the point she was trying to make.

Still, any Left-wing freakout is something to behold.