Forgotten by the national media these days is the massive divide taking place in the Democratic Party. Bernie Sanders never had a legitimate chance win the nomination, and now his supporters are basically being told to sit down and be quiet at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia.

The comments were made by former Philadelphia mayor and Pennsylvania governor Ed Rendell, who is the chairman of the host committee for the convention:

“I think it’s gonna be a great convention, but of course the key to it is the Sanders people. Bernie’s gonna have his name placed in nomination; we’re gonna have a roll call; there’s gonna be a demonstration in support of Bernie; he’s gonna lose the roll call,” he said. “His supporters have to behave and not cause trouble. And I think they will, and I think Sen. Sanders will send them a strong message.”

And here is the audio:

As you probably imagine, Bernie supporters are not happy about it at all.

It is amazing that Bernie goes around railing about everything being “rigged,” but it turns out that the nomination process of his own party retires the trophy when it comes to manufactured outcomes. It all spells chaos for the DNC as it prepares for what should be a lively convention.