Al Sharpton is holding a press conference to discuss why he will be protesting and boycotting the Oscars.

Sharpton and other activists have been trying to gain traction with their movement boycotting the Oscars and getting advertisers to do the same thing. Here is a quote from a Shaprton interview in Variety Magazine:

We’ve talked about the climate of exclusion for people of color in Hollywood both in terms of being selected for possible awards and in terms of having power to make deals and it seems as though Hollywood listens a day or two and moves on. Now it’s time to make sure we can’t be ignored. A ‘tune out’ can do that.

Bette Midler also chimed in this afternoon.

The constant liberal agenda and elitism of the Oscars have been causing Americans to tune out of the event for years. If there is a major drop in ratings and attention this year, you can bet Sharpton’s group will claim credit.


Al Sharpton’s #TuneOutOscars boycott demands justice from Hollywood