The Democrats have added yet another debate to their campaign schedule. As we wrote yesterday, the party agreed to four more debates, but apparently that wasn’t enough. This one will be a town hall version in New Hampshire and will be televised by CNN. It is set to take place next Wednesday, which is one day before another debate on MSNBC and less than a week before New Hampshire voters go to the polls.

The DNC sure has changed its tone of late. Can anyone say desperate?

It’s amazing how the worse things look for Hillary Clinton, the more Democratic debates seem to arise out of nowhere. The same DNC that held them off for so long is now scheduling them for successive days during the week.

Now that Bernie has called Hillary’s email scandal a “very serious issue”, he’s sure to use it to attack her, right? We’ll see.


‘3 a.m. on local cable access’? Democrat candidates agree to more debates

  • BorderLine Guy

    God save the Queen.

    • algonquinmatt

      she’s not a human being.

      • Name

        she may have been once, but having been bitten by Nosferatu, she turned into a political vampire (and no, not the cool/sexy kind in recent books and movies).

      • CT Lindcetera

        • algonquinmatt

          thank you

  • Arttie the Deplorable

    So another mènage á troi?

    • Christa Siobhan Cartwright


  • Kevin Giltrud

    Won’t Marty O’Malley get tired of standing around and looking stupid?

    • Jeff Henderson ✓Bona Fide

      That has been his mission in life.

      • Kevin Giltrud

        Ever since he was Mayor of Baltimore… And far, far beyond.

    • Don Reed

      He’s the tortoise. My theory is that he wanted to drop out and then Hillary decided to fund him the rest of the way so that there is the mere semblance of competition.

    • Donald-Irredeemable deplorable

      What else is he qualified to do, other than that? Stick with what you know and what you are the best at.

      • JohnFLob

        He could always duel with his banjo.

        • Laticia

          Hey…couldn’t make him look like a bigger moron than he already does…

    • lainer51

      he’s used to it.

  • algonquinmatt

    Will MSNBC dare to ask Hillary Clinton a question about emailgate?

    Will Bernie Sanders come to his senses and, instead of helping her out, say that “everybody is sick and tired of talking about your damned emails…lets hope the FBI finishes its investigation on you soon”

    • Jeff Henderson ✓Bona Fide

      They will ask: “Does that fact that Republicans are behind the email witch-hunt that has been refuted many times mean that they fear you will be the most awesome President ever or that they are all so much more incredibly stupid than you are. Feel free to not answer and just smile.”

      • algonquinmatt

        They could’ve done that a couple of months ago, but they can’t do that now. Even the staunchest of liberals realizes that there’s a problem here.

      • slam44

        feel free to cackle loudly until your time is up

        • Kevin Giltrud

          Or cough up a lung… We’ll wait!

      • Name

        you forgot to add in the part about how much they hate women and their reproductive rights.

  • BlahBlah

    The more people see her the more they don’t like her. This isn’t apparent yet? Oh OK.

    • algonquinmatt

      they knew there was Clinton/Bush fatigue going into this election. It hasn’t stopped them from running her out there every day like a cheap claiming horse.

      • Kevin Giltrud

        What good is having a debate in New Hampshire. A suburb of Vermont. Where Bernie is going to pound Hillary into the ground?

        • algonquinmatt

          Not sure what the DNC is getting from their polling. You know that they don’t do this to help Bernie.

          • Kevin Giltrud

            100,000 Illegal Immigrant Instant Democrat voters?

          • Tessa from Texas

            They must have also found a whole new trove of dead people that they overlooked in past elections.

          • Kevin Giltrud

            “These people have the same right to vote as anybody else!”

            *Senator Lyndon Baines Johnson: Graveside in Houston, TX.*

          • Tessa from Texas

            Yep, and the ones that voted for LBJ probably haven’t missed voting for a Dim-o-crat in any election since.

          • Don Reed

            They now dipping into the Canadian cemeteries, up North. WAY North! By March 10, they’ll be looking for the bodies of the North Pole explorers.

      • Arttie the Deplorable

        Glue factory ready.

        • Kevin Giltrud

          All possible candidates long overdue.

        • Ashram13

          And that kind of valuable glue would instantly solve the budget crisis of the USPS. Think of all the stamps they could glue at a fraction of the price.

          I mean, she may as well be a golden calf. Time for the dems to sacrifice, I guess.

          Gotta love it when they devour their own…

      • Don Reed

        The PERFECT analogy. And as an old racetracker, I know what happens when this nonsense prevails- the cheap claimers break down.

    • Arttie the Deplorable

      It’s OK, it’s on the unwatched klinton news net.

    • Jeff Henderson ✓Bona Fide

      The less we see of her the less we like her as well.

      • Don Reed

        Who watches these things?

  • kennyraisin

    What she needs more of are numbers on her chest. Sewn to a prison uniform.

    • Ashram13

      But, because she is a rich elite politician, she is entitled to some comforts of freedom.

      Therefore, she shall have a jukebox in her cell, loaded with hits like “I fought the law and the law won” and “The Jailhouse Rock.”

  • American

    Maybe, Democrats could stage another “Wellstone Memorial” to boost their message.

    • Kevin Giltrud

      Or burn Hillary in Effigy…. Which is a small town outside Akron, Ohio?

  • algonquinmatt

    Is it too late for the Democrats to ask token O’Malley to run far to the left and siphon off some Sanders votes? Can he promise everyone free college, guaranteed job starting at 50K, gift certificates for McDonalds and a lap dance?

    The DNC needs to start using Marty to help Hillary.

    • Ashram13

      Which Marty does the DNC need?

      Marty O’Malley or Marty McFly?

      The way things are going for the DNC now, they’ll need a time machine to stop the things in the past that would prove to be their undoing now.

  • Ashram13

    I’ll wait for the highlights to show up on YouTube.

    Then I’ll fire up the old Stir Crazy and watch the fireworks with a bowl of hot popcorn…

    “The emails are a serious concern.”

    “But you said people were sick and tired of the emails?”

    “That’s politics, baby!”

    “You backstabber!”

    “You victim ignoring rape enabler!”

    “You scruffy looking nerf herder!”

    “Who’s scruffy looking?”

    • algonquinmatt

      “YOU wrote poetry about gangrape fantasies, grandpa!”

      • Ashram13

        “Glad to see who my secret admirer is, grandma!”

        Then Bernie and Hillary look at each other, and it was that moment that a horrifying romance was sparked. A romance that would haunt the human race for centuries…

      • Don Reed

        “Yeah, and I got fan mail from your husband!”

        • Ashram13

          That’s a good one.

  • lilwren

    …maybe the DNC will advocate their flock to vote on November 9th…

  • tops116 ✓Quipper

    Who needs a DNC debate when you can just watch this?

  • Jake Wilde

    People from all sides are shaming her supporters because they’re ignoring that she is a criminal. There is some really heated Progressive infighting.

    • Ashram13

      Now that’s what I call entertainment!

  • tops116 ✓Quipper

    Hmm, a liberal debate where there’ll be no discussion of genuine policy, no specifics, no difficult questions, and just a lot of campaign phrases to gin up clueless voters. Guess that means Trump will be participating, too.

  • rambler

    Why have another debate when one person will do nothing but lie, a second will list the free stuff give-away and the third will have everyone wondering who he is and why is he there.

    • Donald-Irredeemable deplorable

      Except in Shrillay’s case. They KNOW who she is, but honestly don’t know how or why she’s there, and more importantly, WHY she isn’t in prison yet.

  • HiltonHead_Dude

    Someone tell the DNC that Hilary’s problem is not a lack of debate. The problem with Hillary Clinton is Hillary Clinton.

  • Aparition42

    I don’t think It’s Hillary’s people that want the debates. Her numbers get worse every time she talks in public. Anyone telling her these debates are in her best interest isn’t really on her side.

    • Donald-Irredeemable deplorable

      Shrillary REALLY proves the adage, “Tis better not to speak and be thought a fool, than to speak and remove all doubts she’s a lying, megalomaniac, unqualified, murdering, shrill, and traitorous felon, who will say or do ANYTHING to gain absolute political power for herself, no matter who’s coattails she has to ride to get it.” Or something like that anyway.

  • Name

    Does anyone else find it odd that CNN and MSNBC are routinely hosting the Dem debates but seem to want nothing to do with the Reps? Couldn’t be any bias there, could there?

  • Vindicated

    So she needs more debates, but the more she’s in an uncontrolled environment, the worse her numbers are.

    Paging Mr. Heller? Mr. Joseph Heller?

  • Acuda4me ✓Please!

    I could save them the trouble:
    1. I’m not a crook!
    2. Free shit!
    3. Who am I? Why am I here?

    • Donald-Irredeemable deplorable

      All together now, “It’s Boooooooooooshes/the republican’ts fault.

    • Arttie the Deplorable

      Forgot, I got a hoohaw and the 2 guys don’t.

  • jwz

    Another episode of the “Old Folks.”

    • Donald-Irredeemable deplorable

      Isn’t that a show on PBS, “This old Fart” where they try (unsuccessfully try to renovate and restore houses, er candidates, built, er born in the early 1900’s?

  • John Hitchcock

    What of the DNC operative who was uninvited because she called for more DNC debates? Will she be invited this time?

  • lainer51

    can’t wait to hear why Hillbillary lied to the families of the Benghazi victims…. oh wait……

  • Dan13

    It doesn’t matter how many debates they have. Hillary can’t win any of them.

  • san rafael blue

    We need more Calgon!

  • Christa Siobhan Cartwright

    Another waste of time as long as moderators won’t ask her any tough questions.

  • Dolphin654

    When will the Dem/Fox News debate be on? I don’t want to miss that one!!!

    • Arttie the Deplorable

      When hell freezes over. Al Gore is working on that as we speak.

  • Acuda4me ✓Please!

    It will be fun watching Bernie and Hillary’s reverse-auction of “free shit. “

  • Pilgrim22

    Personally I think she’d stand a better chance of winning if she said in her room and just let her royal subjects sing her praises. That said, I hope she comes out a lot. The more she’s seen the better chance of Old Bern getting the nomination and eventually the loss. They need to let Fox and Megyn conduct one of the debates.

  • Luv2GoFly

    So funny – at the beginning, ole DWS only scheduled three debates – all at times when no one would be watching. I guess she thought it was inevitable that Hillary would skate away with the nomination. Now that Bernie has gained some serious momentum and Hillary’s poll numbers are flailing, they are rushing to prop her up. This whole thing just cracks me up. Meanwhile, the spotlight gives Bernie more opportunity to shine, and ole Hillary to look like the washed up wind bag that she is. I just love it when the Democrats are so obviously in big trouble.

    • Adam Wood

      It’s really hilarious. They did EVERYTHING they could to try to hide the silly Democrat circus, and now they don’t know what to do about it.

  • freeinaz

    Why would Bernie go for this if he’s really not in the tank for Hillary? He should pull a Trump and refuse.

  • constitutionminded

    This will be as interesting as an info commercial late at night.

    • Bruce

      Personally, I’d rather watch an endless loop of the “My Pillow” infomercial.

      • Janelle

        Oh nuts, Bruce…..I just lost a sip of iced tea all over the iPad laughing!

  • wrestlefan01

    surprised it isnt sunday at 6-30

  • Paul Engemann

    No matter how many debates she attends, she can’t debate away her avarice, incompetence and criminality. Hilly for prison 2016.

  • JR48

    Two women who are going to be in need of a new job in about a year.

    • Janelle

      Would you hire either, JR?

  • gafr60

    How exciting, more opportunities to hear and old white man and an old white women extol the virtues of geritol and share their commie virtues. I am sure that there will be a debate between the two on how to outspend one another using the taxpayers money.
    I am sure that the younger one will be ignored even though he is very creative. After all, he would tax you for the rain that falls on your roof.

  • usaeagle1776

    Old white 1%ers…where is the diversity DEMS?

    • Janelle

      MIA, eagle!

      • usaeagle1776

        Yes they are!

        • Janelle

          Seriously, that’s it for the Dems? At least O’Malley isn’t a senior citizen…..and he doesn’t seem to have any traction. Am not being ageist….am 67 and positive I don’t have the skill set needed for that job now or ever!

          • usaeagle1776

            Average age of the GOP candidates: 57
            Average age of the DEM candidates: 67

  • Jeff (@Jkauf1)

    I couldn’t be more psyched to see how much free stuff these “people” are offering to give out in exchange for votes this week.

  • Jerry Shelton

    I would watch if they started asking Killary about her email problem.
    I bet Bernie will jump on it the first chance he gets….

  • ToyZebra

    I still don’t get why they think more of Hillary is a good idea, even if they throw her softball questions. There is no charm or charisma there, just that cackling laugh. Who can watch that for long?

  • justshootmenow

    For my birthday I’d like the DoJ to give the go ahead for FBI agents to go onstage and arrest Hillary at a debate. Wouldn’t that spark interest for Democrat debates?