Video of five former Memphis police officers beating Tyre Nichols — who died three days later — was released yesterday. Even though all the officers who have been arrested and charged for Nichols’ death are black, CNN’s Van Jones wrote that the beating “might have been caused by racism.”

MSNBC aired an even hotter but completely predictable take from their “expert” legal analyst who said this might have been prevented if it weren’t for Republican obstructionists in Congress:

It might not surprise you to know that this particular hot take was served up on MSNBC’s Joy Reid show:

Tyre Nichols died after encountering Memphis police officers. Now five ex-officers are being charged with his murder after being fired. MSNBC legal analyst Paul Butler joins Joy Reid on this debacle of justice saying, “It’s the Republicans in Congress that have stood in the way of passing legislation that would make a difference and prevent more tragic cases like this one.”

Reality, of course, tells a different story:

There’s something else that doesn’t get mentioned enough in stories like these:

MSNBC “expert”: Clearly it’s because of Republicans.

At MSNBC “hateful race-baiting” is obviously part of the job description.



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