Saturday night, Pittsburgh Penguins fan Jordan Kuruc tweeted, “I hope your city gets bombed again Boston.”

After deleting the outrageous tweet, Kuruc took to Twitter to apologize for it.

Unfortunately, Kuruc wasn’t done.  He proceeded to dig himself a deeper hole.

He was the lead singer of a small western Pennsylvania band. He has since been removed from that position per posts on the band’s Facebook page:

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

It’s come to my attention that our singer has said something very inappropriate via social media that is incredibly out of line. (In fact, I just woke up to this backlash.) The statement he made is in NO way shape or form representative of ANY view this band has and even though I personally have nothing to do with what he said, I feel the need to apologize to anyone offended by his ignorant statement. Because of this, Jordan is now removed from this band. Thank you to the people that have brought this to our attention, and again, our apologies that you had to be exposed to such ignorance.

– Forbearance.