Gov. Robert Bentley was joined by residents of the state of Alabama in remembering the devastating tornado outbreak that took place two years ago today.

Sen. Jeff Sessions also released a statement.

“April 27th marks the two-year anniversary of the tornado outbreak that swept across Alabama. We continue to pray for those who lost their loved ones in these tragic storms. The devastation and aftermath will not soon be forgotten, but the everlasting impression will be of the resolve and pride the people of Alabama showed in aiding and caring for their fellow citizens in a time of great need. Today, we remember the lives lost, the towns affected, and the spirit of the people in this great state. I have seen first-hand the inspiring redevelopment, and we must be committed to seeing these rebuilding efforts through to ensure a full recovery.”

Here’s a chart of the many tornadoes that passed through the state on that day.

Some have posted chilling images of the storms and devastation left behind.

Those who lost their lives will not be forgotten.