The newspaper endorsements just keep rolling in for the Romney/Ryan ticket. Yesterday, we learned that the Des Moines Register endorsed Romney (the first Republican choice by that paper since 1972). Now, the Cincinnati Enquirer has announced its endorsement of Romney.

Here is an excerpt from the paper’s endorsement story:

President Barack Obama has had four years to overcome the job losses of the Great Recession he inherited, but the recovery has been too slow and too weak. It’s time for new leadership from Mitt Romney, a governor and business leader with a record of solving problems.

Romney’s experience as a chief executive, business leader and governor position him to be the best candidate to lead us into a new era of streamlined but effective government with a renewed focus on maintaining America as the world’s leading economy.

The best indicator of how Romney would lead is his record as governor. There we have evidence of a Romney who governs more moderately than he was forced to campaign in the long runup to the presidential election.

Enthusiasm and energy seem to clearly be on the side of Romney and Ryan at the moment, and the state of Ohio is thought to be critical to both campaigns.

Of course, the Left is not taking these endorsements in the best of spirits.