The above tweet from Paris Jackson was retweeted by the band ‘Foster the People.’ The Left’s favorite thing to do is pull out the race card, but the numbers simply don’t add up.

Michelle Malkin found that in Indonesia alone, 19 million Muslims advocate violent jihad.

Now, some quick math:

220 million Indonesians.

85 percent of them Muslim.

1 in 10 of those Muslims support suicide bombings to “defend their faith.” (As Robert Spencer notes, “that’s just those who are willing to tell a pollster something that they would know the government would not likely be happy to hear.”)

So, that’s 19 million Muslims for violent jihad in “moderate” Indonesia alone.

And here’s another point:

It’s the kind of thinking the administration has fostered. More apologizing, concessions, and playing nice. At some point, we must face the reality of an enemy that is bent on destroying us.