Obama deputy campaign manager Stephanie Cutter, a lying liar who liesbravely ran away from her appearance on ABC’s “This Week” to instead appear on CBS’ “Face the Nation.” She probably assumed that the questions would be less combative on CBS. If so, she would have been correct.


No questions about a scandal she is directly involved in that has rocked the Obama campaign in recent days. Our lapdog media never fails us.

No talking about the scandal. Instead, ‘Face the Nation’ let Cutter spout more falsehoods.

Breitbart.com documented “Face the Nation” guest-host Nancy Cordes’ repeated retweets of Obama talking points.

What do you call a reporter who spends her Twitter time regurgitating Obama talking points?  Most people would call her a biased hack. CBS News calls her Nancy Cordes, guest-host for “Face the Nation.”

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