Danny Sheridan is a USA Today sports analyst and handicapper. According to recent reports, he may also be in the business of buying followers on Twitter.

Believe it or not, there are services available that claim to sell thousands of Twitter followers. Apparently, the kind of followers purchased from a service like this are not the same as your standard Twitter users. The bought followers have usernames made up of collections of letters and numbers that more resemble license plates.

Deadspin looked into Sheridan’s follower count numbers:

And then, starting on the first of June, something crazy happened. His follower count started to skyrocket. Between June 1 and today, his Twitter follower count went from some 11,000 to nearly 400,000. For the last month, he has been picking up thousands and thousands of followers a day. Between June 6 and June 10, according to TwitterCounter, Sheridan picked up exactly—exactly—27,791 followers each day; for the next 10 days, he received exactly 12,085 followers per day. WagerMinds points out that his most recent followers were clearly bots.

Even though Sheridan’s follower gains in the last month are astounding, no one knows for sure that he purchased the followers. Still, the topic has been Twitter gold.

Sheridan insists that he has not bought any followers. He even tells one person that he is contemplating alerting the Department of Justice because of the accusations.

We’re sure Eric Holder will get right to that.