That did not take long. As soon as the Muslim Brotherhood candidate was officially pronounced the president of Egypt, he began to boast about how the movement should be located in Jerusalem.

Take a look:

Many are not fooled by the Obama administration’s cataclysmic foreign policy that has allowed such threats to be made without pending consequences from the United States.

Meanwhile, Israel says it is seeking cooperation with Egypt and appreciates the democratic process.

Congressman Allen West says the United States should now cut all foreign aid going to Egypt.


The speaker in that clip was misidentified as Egypt’s new president, Mohamed Morsi. It was actually a cleric, speaking at a Morsi rally in May. More from

Read more at: Middle East Media Research Institute. NOTE: The speaker in this clip was previously misidentified as new Egyptian president Mohammed Morsi. It is actually Egyptian cleric Safwat Higazi, introducing Morsi’s campaign on May 1.

Still, the fears remain.