French President Nicolas Sarkozy will continue to the second round of France’s presidential election, but he is projected to receive less votes than challenger Francois Hollande. Most intriguing was the fact that the far-right candidate, Marine Le Pen, exceeded expectations. This is more evidence that nations around the world are turning right in the face of economic hardship.

From Sky News:

Far-right leader Marine Le Pen was projected to have taken 17% – 20% of the vote, giving her third place in the first round of the election.

Media reports termed Ms Le Pen’s surge in numbers “surprising”. Her strong showing throws the presidential race wide open, making her the kingmaker as her supporters could determine the runoff between Mr Sarkozy and Mr Hollande.!/ChrisAdamsMKTS/status/194125916492926976!/nzpis/status/194131716028379137!/derekflynch/status/194128299360923649!/georgeeaton/status/194135726315671553!/timlusher/status/194141040976990210

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