Tomorrow, April 22, is Earth Day. Not to be confused with Earth Hour, which lasts for one hour, tomorrow is Earth Day. Can’t keep all of them straight? Don’t worry; you’re not alone.

Earth Day is a time when you will be ridiculed for not caring about the environment if you do not stop what you are doing, participate in an act of compassion toward the Earth, and tell the world how you are “making a difference.” It is also the 24-hour period when Al Gore has an excuse to slip out of oblivion.!/PixieGas/status/193735980300251137!/VeronicaLynnJ/status/193735952609460224!/BottomDollars/status/193735641824100353!/desdelamerced/status/193733636913238017!/Fab4fanbob/status/193736257677950977