Former Arkansas head football coach Bobby Petrino was fired this past week because he covered up an inappropriate relationship with a subordinate. According to phone records obtained by Arkansas media, he sent his 25-year-old girlfriend, Jessica Dorrell, hundreds of text messages. Petrino, 51, also gave her $20,000, which she used to purchase a new car. The relationship was discovered after a motorcycle accident in which both Petrino and Dorrell were involved became public.

Twitter has had some fun with the juicy details of the debacle:!/AdamSchefter/status/190772428878786560!/KingBlizzuntz94/status/191176700191711234!/eBrianCox/status/191179978774290432!/TheRobBromley/status/191179607989424129!/Mr_Carter_K/status/191176352735571970!/Brenden_McVay/status/191175677427458049

Dorrell, who was scheduled to be engaged this summer, has now been placed on paid leave by the University of Arkansas.!/secollegesports/status/191176598295293952!/I_GotFinesse/status/191175947842633729!/TurnUpTone/status/191182340427493376!/UKsportstalk1/status/191177801573998592

No, Petrino did not quite make it to Tiger Woods type levels in his extra-marital transgressions. But, you cannot accuse him of not trying.