Many are making statements around the world in honor of Earth Hour, which is from 8:30-9:30 p.m. in your local timezone. It is a global movement attempting to save the environment. Presumably, those who participate switch their lights off for one hour to show compassion for the Earth.

So, what does Twitter think of the movement?!/trevorevans/status/186188912992063488!/Cswagxo/status/186189231977271296!/thirona_g/status/186191714967498752!/stlcards4i1983/status/186191489850802177!/TweetinWithNeil/status/186192211875074048!/SandraBarrows/status/186191568343007235

There’s another movement tonight. Supporters of Trayvon Martin are encouraging people to leave their lights on as a tribute to him.!/Crapplefratz/status/186104775878770688!/malehomicides/status/186059281022468097!/Brian_Bokenyi/status/186086764899872768