Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb, who has been feeling his oats at the microphone this week, has now taken to criticizing Jets quarterback Tim Tebow. Yesterday, he talked unfavorably about Redskins coach Mike Shanahan. Now, he says Tebow should stop tweeting and do his job.


On a panel discussion, the subject of a recent Twitter message from Tebow set off McNabb, who said Tebow needed to start studying football and get off Twitter.

“Everytime that we look up there’s something, he’s reaching out to fans, telling them I love you, I’m working hard,” McNabb said.

“As an NFL player, and as a veteran in this game, no one cares what you’re doing during the offseason,” McNabb said. “They only care about what you do on the football field.”!/Mr_Fantastic511/status/185857126009290752!/GWATJAX/status/185852761647218688!/RealSkipBayless/status/185784830154383360!/ryszenga/status/185855988367233024