The stage is now set for an outstanding conclusion to the 2012 NCAA men’s basketball Championship. The Final Four will consist of two games on Saturday. The first game will be between in-state rivals Kentucky and Louisville, and the second contest pits Kansas against Ohio State.

Passions will be high on both sides for the Kentucky/Louisville game. Both teams coexist in the state of Kentucky, so mutual admiration between the two programs is scarce. Additionally, both coaches are at the top of their profession. Louisville coach Rick Pitino won a national championship for Kentucky in 1996. That fact alone causes an even larger division between the two programs. Kentucky coach John Calipari made it to the title game as the head coach of Memphis, but has never won the NCAA Championship.

Ohio State and Kansas will be the final contest on Saturday. Both teams had tremendous seasons and are loaded with star players. In an ironic twist, the Kansas coach Bill Self defeated then Memphis head coach John Calipari in the 2008 NCAA Championship Game. That could add more drama to a potential Kentucky/Kansas finale.!/Whitcah/status/184650105071218690!/HarbsLuv/status/185130016630255616!/Brutus_Buckeye/status/184379108422193154!/espn/status/184752922515615745!/CoachSeanM/status/185126354524708865!/GregAnthony50/status/185118011668168704