A Kentucky family had a surveillance camera rolling when a tornado passed very near their house in West Liberty, Ky. (click the link on the tweet to go the video page)

From WKYT.com:

The video shows the tornado as it took out homes in West Liberty. It was captured on a surveillance system that never turned off, and it recorded the entire disaster as it happened.

“Well, I don’t know what it’s like, but I would compare it to hell,” said Randy Risner.

Randy Risner’s surveillance system consisting of seven cameras caught the tornadoes fury from several different angles.

“It didn’t sound like a train, it sounded like thunder, and it kept getting louder and louder,” Risner said.

He and his wife, Norma, took cover in their basement.

“You could actually feel the ground shaking and our the 11-foot basement walls were shaking, too,” Norma said.

“I didn’t know if we were going to have a house standing, when we came out or not,” Randy said.

Damaged, their house stood strong. But the tornado destroyed their workshop (caught on camera) and another camera shows the roof of their neighbors home peel off like a sardine can.

“If I hadn’t seen him walk out of the house, no one could have told me, he lived through that,” said Randy.