Donald Trump, if you listen to Dems, is an existential threat to Democracy who belongs in jail.

But they also want him to run in 2024 because he’ll be the easiest candidate to beat, or so says former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean:

Be careful what you wish for, Dems. Dean’s comment comes at about 2:20 in the clip below:

Dems, this is how you get four more years of Donald Trump:

And please explain to us why we should care about the January 6 Committee hearings when *they* want Trump to run again?

It’s all theater. Dems want Trump to run, but Howard Dean is the only one with the guts to say it out loud:

When will they learn? They’re also meddling in House races hoping to get the most MAGA candidates elected, again thinking it will make them easier to beat in the general election:

At least some Dems see how foolish this is:


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