Politico is reporting that members of the House GOP — after making fellow Republican and Ukraine-born Rep. Victoria Spartz part of the face of its response on the crisis — have soured on her after she DARED to express an opinion on “Zelenskyy & his inner circle, fearing she’s fueling the MAGA wing’s Ukraine skepticism.”

Even worse? Her remarks have triggered involvement from the intelligence community to set her straight:

I would bet she knows a lot more about Ukraine than the anonymous hacks quoted here:

She supposedly had a classified briefing on the matter a few days ago:

From Politico:

“Spartz’s critics think she’s being played by those who aim to weaken the Western alliance. They fear Trump-aligned R’s will point to her remarks to justify their Ukraine skepticism & that she’s dredging up old dirt at a time when Ukrainians are putting their domestic fights aside.”

Right? How about they report on exactly what they have a problem with?

What a mess:

Before the article dropped, Rep. Spratz made it clear that her “Congress must be proactive: implement proper oversight and joint task force for Ukraine”:



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