There’s an increasing demand for the monkeypox vaccine here in the United States, but people will have to wait because the FDA literally just got around to inspecting the factory in Denmark that manufactured the vaccine and it’s not yet cleared for distribution:

The FDA reportedly “only began to inspect the facility last week”:

The vaccine, which America already paid for, is cleared for use by the EU:

Nobody was fired at the FDA when they messed up Covid tests at the beginning of the pandemic and nobody was fired at the FDA over the baby formula shortage and we expect nobody will be fired over this:

Maybe it’s time to, you know, clean house at the FDA?

No rush, White House:

Yet, the FDA will make them wait:

Our “health experts” learned nothing over the past 3 years:

Does anyone have any confidence in the CDC or the FDA any longer?

Just like what happened with baby formula:

Time to make some changes, Mr. President.



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