The U.S. Senate is back in business this morning after a two-week vacation but Sen. Chuck Schumer will not be participating as he’s tested positive for Covid:

Did anyone think Dems would get anything accomplished anyway?

Sen. Schumer is reportedly experiencing “very mild symptoms”:

But the double-vaxxed, double-boosted 71-year-old will continue his “robust schedule” with his flip phone. Or something:

With Sen. Pat Leahy still recovering from hip surgery, it means Dems have only 48 votes in the Senate:

Dems, who are pursuing a reconciliation deal, may get lucky with the timing . . . if they don’t lose any more members:

And as for what’s actually in the reconciliation bill, it’s still a mystery! From ABC affiliate WRTV in Indianapolis:

Very few details on the proposed legislation have been released. Still, there is early agreement among Democrats to close tax loopholes for those making more than $400,000 by forcing new taxes on incomes from certain “pass-through” businesses.

According to reports, the change would make Medicare solvent until at least 2031.

The bill also includes, for the moment, prescription drug reform.

That policy proposal might limit how much a drug’s price can be increased from year to year.

It could also lower seniors’ prices by allowing Medicare to negotiate with drug companies for the first time.

We are told the legislation could include other ideas, too, like electric car tax credits, just as long as every Democrat in the Senate supports it and is paid for.

We’ll keep you posted.