Pete Buttigieg, the former Mayor of South Bend, a failed presidential candidate, and now an often absent Secretary of Transportation, is moving his family from Indiana to Michigan in one of the most nakedly politically ambitious moves of all time:

From Politico:

Buttigieg’s move was for family reasons, specifically, his husband’s family, a Department of Transportation spokesperson said. “Moving to Chasten’s hometown of Traverse City allowed them to be closer to his parents, which became especially important to them after they adopted their twins, often relying on Chasten’s parents for help with child care,” the person said.

But the move also has another significant benefit. With two Democratic senators and a Democratic governor, Michigan is a much more hospitable state for a fellow Democrat with political ambitions. It’s also in the running to replace Iowa as the first presidential nominating contest. Buttigieg has been grip-and-grinning the state’s politicos as well, visiting the annual Mackinac Policy Conference in recent weeks.

His old PAC is getting involved in races, too:

[Whispers]: He never stopped running for president:

What’s funny is that Joe Biden is so bad that Buttigieg thinks he has a shot, even with his failures leading the Department of Transportation:



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