Meet Tiara Mack, a Dem Rhode Island state senator going viral for literally twerking upside down in a campaign video posted to her official TikTok account, @mackdistrict6:

LOL. From the New York Post:

She’s twerking overtime for your votes.

A Rhode Island state senator is getting ridiculed for posting a campaign video of her twerking upside down in a barely-there bikini.

Democrat Tiara Mack, 28, used her official district TikTok page on the Fourth of July to post the saucy clip of her shaking her booty while in a headstand on a beach.

“That a**, that ass, that a**!” someone can be heard saying admiringly, before Mack — wearing a skimpy yellow bikini — turns to the camera and begs, “Vote Senator Mack!”

Here’s the video from Libs of TikTok:

She later tweeted that it’s us conservatives who have the real problem:

And it’s funny that she’s blaming our side because, as Tucker Carlson pointed out, it’s Dems who aren’t promoting her as a future leader of *their* party. Why could that be?

And who’s ready for the photoshops? Check out this one from actor, rapper and businessman 50 Cent:

This one is good, too:

She also posted a video asking how many nip slips she’s allowed to have on the Fourth of July:


how many nip slips are allowed on americas day off? #wlw #rhodytiktok

♬ original sound – Senator Tiara Mack

And here’s one where she says to “eat the rich, go to the beach”:


silly days off

♬ original sound – Senator Tiara Mack

The future of the Dem party, folks!