Yes, she’s THAT shameless.

Nancy Pelosi is trying to take credit for plummeting container freight rates, saying the Ocean Shipping Reform Act that President Biden signed into law in mid-June is somehow the catalyst for these lower prices.

“Two weeks ago, Democrats took action to bring down inflation for US consumers by taking on shipping cartels that raised their rates by up to 1000% over the pandemic,” she tweeted. “Since the bill was introduced, rates have gone down steadily — even faster since it became law. #DemocratsDeliver“:

Um, prices are down because we’re likely in a recession. Who wants to tell her?

Keep in mind, it’s not us saying we’re likely in a recession. It’s data from the Atlanta Fed that says we’re likely in a recession:

And, boy, is it weird that the websites that cover the shipping industry are crediting Democrats for the “bearish signals”:

She’s shameless to think this drop in freight costs has anything to do with Democrats:

And it’s cute that Pelosi tries to say even the bill being introduced in Congress led to the decline:

Politico’s Alex Daugherty called her out for using “cherry-picked data”:

Gird your loins, people. It can get worse: