President Joe Biden admitted during a meeting with Dem governors on Friday that “right now we don’t have the votes in the Senate” to change the filibuster rules and implement a carve-out to codify Roe into federal law:

But he has a plan!

You see, all Dems need to do is “pick up 2 Senate seats this year” and “go around Manchin and Sinema next year & carve out [a] filibuster exception over their objection”:

Except, there’s a potentially fatal flaw with this plan as Dems need to keep the House in November which is increasingly unlikely:

Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy just might be the wrench in their plan:

And there’s a good chance Dems lose the House as well:

Yep, we’ll revisit this one:

Although Vox’s Ian Millhiser thinks the Biden plan is a good idea:

Although Millhiser also wants to abolish the Senate, which might not work out so well come January 2023:

Other Dems want President Biden to act NOW and pressure Senators Manchin and Sinema:

Well, if Nina Turner wanted a fight (cue Hillary Clinton’s “Fight Song” theme) then maybe she shouldn’t have supported Bernie?

Watch for yourself:



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