Bryan Griffin, deputy press secretary to Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, shared this anecdote about Justice Clarence Thomas rebutting Hillary Clinton who earlier said Thomas has “been a person of grievance for as long as I’ve known him.”

Here’s Bryan, in his own words ==>

“Offensive, disgusting, and false commentary from @HillaryClinton about Clarence Thomas. I’d like to directly rebut this. After I passed the bar, I stopped CT in a lobby in D.C. and asked him if he would do me the honor of swearing me in as a lawyer (2015).”

“He invited me to his office at the SC the next day, (after work) and spent hours with me in conversation, earnestly affording me his time and encouraging me. A friend and a law professor accompanied me.”

[photographic proof]

He showed us pictures from his latest vacation with his wife and fondly spoke of the love he has for her. We discussed America, and from everything he said it was clear he loves this country and the people in it.

“In my anecdote, he did not know me or owe me anything. But he afforded me incredible kindness. I am certain he extends the same to others. He is committed to the Constitution, which is how he came to this and his other decisions.”

“To lie about the man because you do not agree with him is wrong, and people can plainly see it as desperate attack for cheap likes. CT is neither angry nor resentful, and this is abundantly clear to anyone who has interacted with him in person.”

“Amazing” is right. And thank you for sharing it!