Now that Dems are waking up in a world without Roe, they’re asking themselves just how they got in the place they are today.

Well, one place to start is the 2010 midterm elections which are being called “the most-overlooked political story of the Obama era” by the Washington Post’s Karen Tumulty:

LOL. Overlooked by whom? OUR SIDE certainly saw this coming:

Maybe it was a shock to the new class of young journo or staffer in D.C., but those of us who lived through it never discounted what happened:

But back then, a lot of the think pieces were about how the wipeout was caused by racist backlash to Obama:

But that’s not what happened. Obama blew up his party over Obamacare:

Obamacare was so unpopular it even took out Dems who opposed the bill. From the Washington Post:

In the Ohio district next door to Space’s, Democratic Rep. John Boccieri voted for the bill, but he also lost. Ditto for Virginia. Nye said no, but Rep. Tom Perriello said yes; both were bounced out from office by Republicans who want to repeal the bill.

Democratic leaders were hoping voters would reward Democrats like Boccieri and Perriello for staying true to their convictions. Instead, the two freshmen lawmakers were among the 32 (at last count) Democrats who supported health care and were defeated.

And he took pro-life Dems with him:

It didn’t have to be this way. Republicans begged Obama not to go with Obamacare, but nah:

Yeah, the national media was too busy playing the race card and the dopey birth certificate story:

Texas used to be a purple state, but not after 2010:

We believe the phrase is, “Thanks, Obama!”:

Even better? Karl Rove’s group behind this strategy only spent $30 million to make it happen:



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