Back in April, we called out White House chief of staff Ron Klain over this tweet cheering Emmanuel Macron’s victory in France with the message being that 2022 is not lost for Dems because both Macron and President Joe Biden are deeply unpopular but Macron was still able to win. Or something:

Klain’s dopey tweet left out the part where, in France, they hold parliamentary elections after the presidential election so there’s really no comparison to the U.S. at all:

And, as this editor tweeted back in April, that made Klain’s tweet premature, at best:

Well, the results are in from said parliamentary election and it’s a disaster for Macron:


From AFP: “French President Emmanuel Macron on Sunday was set to lose his parliamentary majority after major election gains by a newly formed left-wing alliance and the far-right, in a stunning blow to his hopes of major reform in his second term”:

Team Macron says these results are “far from what we hoped”:

And it’s being called a Le Pen “tsunami”:

Get ready for the GOP tsunami, Ron. It’s coming.


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