When Joe Biden was just a candidate, he vowed to make Saudi Arabia “the pariah that they are”. . .

. . . yet he’s headed to the pariah nation to beg for oil and trying to sping it as just an “international meeting.” Here’s the president on how he will handle the murder of WaPo journalist Jamal Khashoggi on the trip, which the Biden administration determined was ordered by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (MBS):

“The same way I’ve been handling it. I’m not going to meet with MBS. I’m going to an international meeting and he’s going to be part of it…”

Watch for yourself:

But Axios’ Jonathan Swan isn’t buying the president’s BS and issued this brutal fact check of the spin:

“No. The truth: 1. President Biden came into office calling MBS a ‘pariah.’ 2. MBS didn’t like this. 3. Biden suffered domestic political pain driven, in part, by energy inflation. 4. Biden officials privately sucked up to MBS & the president changed his tune.”

Good luck trying to get that interview!

It appears that Biden also pissed off the families of 9/11 victims with the trip:

Add Saudi “dissidents and rights groups” to the list, too:

Now, this defense of Biden — that the United States “doesn’t need the House of Saud” until “it does” — would fly if . . .

. . . if Biden didn’t already know that when he made the “pariah” comments as a candidate. In fact, he “knew all that, more intimately than perhaps any recent presidential candidate”:

But, hey, the 2020 line was really good when he was going after the bad orange man!