Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA), the governing body in charge of the World Cup, got in on the Pride Month corporate branding with this tweet explaining how the upcoming World Cup tournament in Qatar “will be a celebration of unity and diversity”:

This Qatar:

Will it really, FIFA?

Here are some of the ways FIFA says it’s working with Qatar to ensure this celebration of “unity and diversity”:

In order to ensure that all necessary legal protections are in place and will be enforced, FIFA has been:

• Training all staff involved in the competition, including public and private security forces, on how to accomplish their tasks in a non-discriminatory manner

• Insisting hotels and other contractors involved in welcoming LGBTQIA+ fans to Qatar to do so in a manner that respects the rights and privacy of everyone

• Implementing systems to identify and address instances of homo-, bi- and transphobia and other discriminatory practices inside and outside the stadiums, and

• Operating a grievance mechanism through which concerns can be reported to FIFA and addressed by the competent teams.

It’s not going well, however:

Oh, well. Did the arrested person file a grievance using FIFA’s “grievance mechanism”?

FIFA, you get a cookie for trying though:

They. Didn’t. Care. When. They. Were. Accepting. Bids:

Bribes. We mean bribes:



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