In a response to New York City Mayor Eric Adams, co-chair of the group “Mayors Against Illegal Guns,” Twitchy favorite Dana Loesch helpfully pointed out why we might not really want to hear from these folks right now:

“Mayors Against Illegal Guns included former mayors like Gary Becker, busted for possession of child pornography, 2nd degree sexual assault of a child; Craig Lowe re attempted sex crimes w a child; James Schiliro who held a young man hostage at gun point; big offender list.”

And as for fighting gun violence, a “mayoral group with convicted child predators as one-time members, and current mayors from some of the most crime-ridden cities with the strictest gun control have no business lecturing a law-abiding and free people”:

Dana has the receipts, too:

Did they think nobody would remember? Because Dana remembered:

It’s almost to that point:



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