Dana Loesch asks six questions that every politician *should* be asking after the Uvalde massacre

Dana Loesch has six questions that every politician should be asking in the wake of yesterday’s horrific massacre in Uvalde, Texas where 19 kids and two teachers were gunned down by an 18-year-old.

They are:

“1) How did this murderer get into the school?
2) What security did this school have and how can we protect schools like we protect our concerts, banks, museums?
4) How did he buy a handgun?
5) Did he pass a background check?
6) No one in his house saw what was going on?”

Dana added, “these are the questions asked by people who not only want answers, but solutions”:

As for what we know about the gunman, the Washington Post reported that he was bullied in school and had become “increasingly violent”:

Cutting your own face is what you’d call a “missed sign,” from the Post:

They used to play video games such as Fortnite and Call of Duty. But then Ramos changed. Once, Valdez said, Ramos pulled up to a park where they often played basketball and had cuts all over his face. He first said a cat had scratched his face.

“Then he told me the truth, that he’d cut up his face with knives over and over and over,” Valdez said. “I was like, ‘You’re crazy, bro, why would you do that?’”

Ramos said he did it for fun, Valdez recalled.

This didn’t worry anyone?

Valdez said Ramos drove around with another friend at night sometimes and shot at random people with a BB gun. He also egged people’s cars, Valdez said.

It’s also clear from the Post’s report that he was known to police:

As he grew older, problems at home became more acute and more apparent to neighbors, Flores said. He described seeing police at the house and witnessing blowups between Ramos and his mother.

A report in The Daily Mail added that he was bullied because he was poor, but maybe someone can then explain the fancy truck he was driving, the body armor, and the two rifles he allegedly purchased on his 18th birthday? Where did he get the money for that:

Texas school shooter Salvador Ramos was bullied at school because of the clothes he wore and because his family was poor, former classmate says

There’s also no evidence of a father in his life:

This, like other mass shootings, didn’t have to happen:

But Dems are just going to go with the same spin they always do:

And nothing will change: