CNN’s Jake Tapper is under fire this morning for reportedly testing positive for COVID at work but staying to tape his 4:00 p.m. show, “The Lead,” in the studio, thus exposing his colleagues to the virus:

And “Fake Jake” is born:

You see, it’s different when *he* knowingly exposes colleagues to COVID:

The Daily Beast — NOT CNN’s in-house media reporting dynamic duo of Brian Stelter an Oliver Darcy — first reported the story:

The Daily Beast is reporting that Tapper’s colleagues are pissed, as well they should be:

“Jake Tapper tested positive for COVID while at CNN’s D.C. bureau on Monday, May 9, just prior to taping his 4 p.m. ET show, but according to two people familiar with the situation, he did not go home immediately, incensing some colleagues.”

According to the report, “‘This happened in the same week that the country was mourning the millionth death due to COVID, which Jake covered on his show,’ one pissed-off staffer told media newsletter Confider.”

And The Daily Beast says Tapper was trying to get out ahead of the story:

“Jake Tapper, who is known to slide into reporters’ DMs to lash out at them for their coverage of him and CNN, was so freaked the story would leak that he had CNN’s PR team working overtime to run interference on media outlets that called to ask for comment.”

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