The Royal Family, they’re just like us, right?

As in, here’s Prince Charles telling parliament that “her majesty’s government’s” top priority is to “help ease the cost-of-living for families”:


“Her Majesty’s Government’s priority is to grow and strengthen the economy and help ease the cost of living for families. Her Majesty’s Government will level up opportunity in all parts of the country and support more people into work. Our Majesty’s Ministers will continue to support the police to make the streets safer and fund the National Health Service to reduce the COVID. Backlogs in these challenging times, Her Majesty’s Government will play a leading role in defending democracy and freedom across the world, including continuing to support the people of Ukraine.”

Says the guy covered in gold medals, sitting on a gold throne:

Charles is filling in for his mom who missed the opening of parliament due to “mobility issues”:

And, to think, we thought President Joe Biden was out of touch with everyday folks:

A true “let them eat cake” moment:

And then they all took the horse-drawn carriage to celebrate the horse show:

Maybe they think horses will solve global warming?



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