Breaking news out of Los Angeles where we’re seeing reports that Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascón will not be pursuing felony charges against Isaiah Lee, the 23-year-old accused of rushing the stage and tackling comedian Dave Chappelle earlier this week:

Instead, Lee will be referred to the city attorney to face misdemeanor charges:

The LAPD had earlier released photos of the knife that looked like a gun, but they’re now saying Lee had the gun in his bag during the assault:

And detectives are still trying to determine how Lee was able to get by security at the Hollywood Bowl:

From the Los Angeles Times:

“LAPD sources said Lee, who was carrying a bag with the knife inside, was able to get past security searches and metal detectors. Despite not being credentialed, he got onto the stage without being challenged.”

Amazing. An assault by an armed man who breached multiple levels of security to attack someone and it’s only a misdemeanor? Seek help, Los Angeles.



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