Dem Sen. Joe Manchin in West Virginia has a new ad out in support of Republican David McKinley who is running against incumbent Republican Alex Mooney in the state’s second congressional district.

From RRH Elections:

“Lots to unpack here: Joe Manchin (D) cuts an ad for David McKinley (R), defending McKinley against allegations that he supported the BBB bill that Manchin killed. McKinley/Manchin supported the smaller infrastructure bill, which Alex Mooney (R) opposed.”

Let’s just say libs will not be amused by it. Watch for yourself:

Maybe Dems are “lurching to the right” because they want to win elections and voters are already there?

More from RRH Elections:

“McKinley and Mooney are facing off in a member-v-member primary in #WV2. WV is perhaps the only state where an R would ever tout support from a Dem–even a popular one like Manchin–in a semi-closed primary.”

No, we suspect not:

“And separate from #WV2, we can’t imagine many Dems are thrilled to see Manchin taking a victory lap in a GOP ad, boasting about killing Biden’s signature legislation as their window to pass anything resembling progressive legislation continues to slam shut!”

Registered Dems, however, can’t vote in the primary:

“Running an ad touting an endorsement from a Democrat in a semi-closed GOP primary is certainly a bold strategy. There’re lots of registered Dems in West Virginia who routinely vote GOP. They cannot vote in the #WV02 GOP primary & Republicans who can probably don’t like Manchin.”

But, not so fast! As the WaPo’s David Weigel points out, Republicans “have been re-registering tons and tons of D voters” and “Thousands of them in the electorate who weren’t there even two years ago”:

The primary is Tuesday, May 10. Stay tuned. . .


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