Libs of TikTok reported earlier this morning that the account has been deplatformed by Linktree, a service that connects your “audiences to all of your content with just one link.”

According to Libs of TikTok, “Linktree just deleted my account citing ‘inappropriate use of this service.'” and “When I try to log in it says my account is no longer accessible. Why am I suddenly being censored?”

It sure looks this way:

Linktree is a pretty big deal and has a $1.3 billion valuation:

And the company has become “the central platform for all facets of your social identity, allowing creators to build and engage their community and make money from their craft”:

We’ll note that Linktree is pretty popular among, um, those in the adult industry to get around Terms of Service violations on the various platforms:

But political speech is not allowed?

Maybe CEO Alex Zaccaria has some answers?



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