It’s official!

Utah Dems won’t put up a candidate of their own and will instead support Evan McMullin against incumbent GOP Sen. Mike Lee:

Good. He’s their problem now:

“Can’t wait to see him get crushed,” tweeted Matt Whitlock, a former staffer to Sen. Orrin Hatch:

Lincoln Project co-found Reed Galen calls this “huge news” and thinks that Sen. Lee “is vulnerable”:

But will it work?

So far, it’s not going well and McMullin is “big mad” at Dems calling him out for his past statements. Misty Snow was the 2016 Dem candidate for U.S. Senate:

Let’s say McMullin wins. Does he caucus with Dems or Republicans?

McMullin has previously said he “would caucus with neither party,” which is pretty problematic:

A U.S. Senator who doesn’t pick sides doesn’t get committee assignments and without committee assignments there’s now power:

McMullin needs to be asked about this:


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