Meanwhile, in China, the draconian lockdowns that have caused hunger and much hardship throughout the city of Shanghai are coming to an end but it sounds like a whole new nightmare is about to begin. . .

Now China will, apparently, force workers to live on their job sites in an effort to slow the spread or whatever it is China is doing:

From the New York Times:

The city, China’s financial capital, told businesses over the weekend that they should start to plan for an emergence from lockdown that would include a “closed-loop management” system where workers would live on site and test regularly for the virus, without providing a timeline for when that might happen.

Officials are under pressure to get China’s economy back up and running in the face of lockdowns and other virus control measures across dozens of cities. On Monday, the country reported that its economy grew at 4.8 percent in the first three months of the year — and that figure, already below Beijing’s target for the year as a whole, included a sharp slowdown in consumer spending in March as restrictions began to spread.

Many people in the city have already been living at their workplaces for several weeks.

It’s not going well, however:

Tesla will reportedly provide each worker with a sleeping bag and mattress but since there are no “purpose-built dorms,” they’ll sleep on the floor:

Keep in mind, this is a city “triple New York City’s population”. . .

“THREAD: 1) Shanghai has quickly become the epicenter of China’s worst coronavirus outbreak since 2020. Many of its 25 million inhabitants — triple New York City’s population — are braving their third week in lockdown.”

. . .and there’s no evidence their methods are even working:

“2) Even as China vows to stick with Covid Zero policy, the lockdown and repeated testing of Shanghai hasn’t yet stopped the virus from spreading. The city reported more than 22,000 cases Sunday, taking the total number to more than 300,000.”

Health officials in Shanghai want you to believe that only three people have died in this wave:

“3) Earlier today, Shanghai reported three Covid deaths, the first fatalities of its surging virus outbreak. They were all unvaccinated, aged between 89 and 91 and had underlying diseases.”

LOL. *Now* experts are skeptical?

“4) However, China’s curiously low Covid death toll is out of step with what happened in other countries like New Zealand and Australia with similar outbreaks. Experts are skeptical.”

Capitalism finds a way. . .

“5) The strict restrictions on movement in Shanghai have led residents to resort to bartering, trading neighbors ice cream for vegetables or wine for cake. Even the rich are hunting for basics.”

And there are worries that continued lockdowns will make the already ongoing supply-chain crisis even worse:

Here we go again:

To be clear, the port is open but things have just slowed to a crawl:


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