Readers, meet the “Moskva,” flagship of Russia’s Black Sea Fleet:

Readers, now say goodbye to the “Moskva” as both Russian and Ukrainian sources are confirming serious damage to the ship but we’re still unsure just how that damage occurred. Ukraine claims it was hit with two missiles:

But Russia is only saying a fire on the Slava-class cruiser caused ammunition to explode, leading to the evacuation of the ship:

So, which is a better narrative for Russia: Incompetence on board or a Ukraine missile attack?

The Governor of Odessa claimed missiles from a hidden battery struck the ship:

Whatever happened, this is major loss for Russia:


Russia claims there were no casualties:


The Neptune missile system only became operational last year:

The Moskva is an older ship but it was considered “the pride of the Russian naval fleet in the Black Sea”:

“Losing the warship would be a ‘massive blow” for Russia”:

Of note, Russian state media *is* reporting that the ship was “seriously damaged”:

And this is the same ship that fired on the guards during the now infamous Snake Island incident at the start of the war:

The rest of the story here:



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