As we told you on Tuesday, inflation soared to its highest level in 40 years:

Now, economists might have been surprised by this news but they shouldn’t have been. What did they think would happen after the U.S. just printed all that money?

So, how do we curb inflation now that it’s here? In summary, it will be painful:

Very, very painful. From the Financial Times:

A top Federal Reserve official has warned it is a “fantasy” to think the US central bank can bring inflation down sufficiently without raising interest rates to a level where they constrain the economy.

James Bullard, president of the St Louis branch of the Fed, said the central bank needed to be more aggressive in its efforts to root out the highest inflation in four decades as he called for rates to rise to a point where they actively curtail growth.

This is bad news for Dems in 2022 and 2024, but worse news for America. Who is ready for #BidenInflation to turn into the BidenRecession, because it’s coming:

Nope. Americans aren’t ready for what’s going to happen:



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