Penn State climate scientist Michael Mann called out the Marriott hotel in New York City’s Times Square after one of the many televisions in the gym was turned to Fox News.

“The Fitness center at your NYC Times Square hotel has TV fixed on ‘Fox News’— a network that promotes anti-American, pro-Russian propaganda,” he tweeted.

He also tweeted that “the manager of the facility says he can’t change the channel, it is set by [Marriott]” and “This is deeply offensive”:

The above tweet went viral, of course, with over 22,000 likes. But — SURPRISE — leaving this one television on Fox News is not the actual policy of the hotel. . .

. . .and — even better — guests can ask to have the channel changed:

Mann is now calling on his minions to stand down from their attacks on the Marriott:

All good now?

Of course, he played the “anti-American, pro-Russian propaganda” card:



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