Disgraced former New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo is out with a new television ad that “positions him as the supposed victim of an alleged political smear. It also conveniently ignores multiple investigations agreeing he sexually harassed women”:

This. F***ing. Guy!

And he’s reportedly spent almost $400,000 to air this work of fiction:

Janice Dean added a few things the NYT forgot in its headline on the ad:

“Also: forced 9,000 covid patients into nursing homes and then tried to cover up over 15,000 deaths.”

CNN’s fact-checker, Daniel Dale, also noticed that one of the quotes in the ad that Cuomo attributed to CBS News was actually a quote from his lawyer that appeared in an article on CBSNews.com:

Yeah, that is bad:

But is anyone surprised by it?

And it’s too bad CNN’s fact-checker wasn’t on the case when the then-governor was on CNN getting interviewed by his brother on New York’s response to Covid. That may have been helpful!



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