Liberty University’s baseball team debuted new uniforms, which usually wouldn’t be worthy of a post. . .

. . .but it’s not the uniforms themselves that are going viral on Twitter right now:

It’s their TikTok unveiling of the uniforms that has people talking. “Full Celine Dion”:

Now, here’s the behind the scenes view with the leaf blower drowning out Dion:


More on what went down to make the video from The Athletic:

Paxton, a senior photographer and designer at Liberty University, had been asked to plan a uniform reveal for the Flames baseball team, unveiling their new powder-blue-and-red alternates. She came across a TikTok trend, a 30-second video set to the Céline Dion cover of “It’s All Coming Back to Me Now,” and sent it to her colleagues on the creative team. “Picture this,” Paxton said, and then made her pitch: Lights, camera, parkas and powder blues.

The uniforms arrived from Nike and were unboxed 10 days ago while the Liberty baseball team was in Gainesville, Fla., for their season-opening series against the ninth-ranked Gators. The uniforms would debut a week later, at home against Winthrop. This left only one night to shoot the video, and by the time Tuesday night arrived, a rain-free forecast had turned into a downpour.

Fox News’s Shannon Bream approves: “Love these crazy dudes”:

Yep. We’re not sure this can be topped:


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