An anonymous U.S. defense official just told journos that “Russia did not tell some troops sent into Ukraine that they would be going into combat” and that they’ve seen “large” numbers of Russian troops surrendering without a fight:

This does fit with some of the unverified videos that are flying around:

The official also said the 40-mile long convoy of military vehicles headed toward Kyiv was making much progress:

According to this official, they’re running out of fuel and food:

More excerpts from the briefing. . .

“The official says that the Pentagon has no confirmation that Belarussian troops are currently operating inside of Ukraine”:

“Ukrainian air and missile defense systems remain viable and intact and engaged”:

“U.S believes Russia has committed more than 80 pct of its pre-staged combat power in Ukraine”:

“U.S. believes Russia’s main advance on Kyiv has had no appreciable movement in last 24 hours”:

“The official says that the large convoy seen in satellite imagery is ‘not exactly moving with great speed'”:

“U.S. assesses that Russia has launcher systems that could be used for vacuum bomb but cannot confirm use”:

“Russia has launched more than 400 missiles at Ukrainian targets so far”:

“No major Russian military move on Odessa so far”:


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