Adam McKay, director of the climate alarmist film, “Don’t Look Up,” dialed the fear-porn up to 11 with this tweet claiming “We’ve got 6-8 years before the climate is so chaotic we live in a permanent state of biblical catastrophe & still we’re all walking around like it’s 1997 and we’re at a Third Eye Blind concert” and ” I’ll never ever get used to how frickin crazy it is to be alive right now”:

Wow. That take was so bad even fellow climate alarmists are calling him out:

You see, they’re worried about “Republicans pounce” headlines:

And here’s a good thread from a climate scientist at NASA:

Well, our advice to these people is that they should *begin* to care about global warming when Leo DiCaprio — the star of McKay’s climate movie — gives up his private jet travel:

Until then? Meh:


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