The Los Angeles Unified School District recently updated its mask policy and is now mandating “‘well-fitted, non-cloth masks with a nose wire’ at all times, including outdoors”:

And with the Super Bowl in Los Angeles just days away, we will 100% be covering the hypocrisy of making kids mask up while celebrities paying thousands of dollars for seats just do whatever they want:

If it isn’t safe for kids to go maskless in Los Angeles County, then it’s not safe enough for fans to attend the Super Bowl, right?

And that brings us to this thread from @cynrojasla who allegedly called the Los Angeles Public Health Department and was told the indoor mask mandate in the county will stay in place because — wait for it — they’re worried about an increase of cases because people won’t wear their masks at the Super Bowl:

LOL. They’re afraid the Super Bowl will be a super-spreader event but they can’t do anything about it?

Journos, these calls are recorded if you don’t believe this tweeter:

Local politicians don’t seem very interested in the issue, too:

Note: A small correction:

Yeah, this isn’t likely. The masking will continue and no amount of hypocrisy will stop it:


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